Free Stuff

We have so much free stuff to give away!

But hang on, no, not just for free – you need to gain some points first. 🙂

And how do you do that?

For example, just login once a day – you’ll get 5 points.

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But you’ve come here for some free stuff – so it is our pleasure to give this:

Free Stuff #1

A single page HTML template that you can use to begin creating your Internet presence. Download this, extract the contents to a folder on your webhost somewhere (don’t have hosting yet? Head on over to to learn about how to host your own website at home for free) then edit the content as you see fit, and publish on your own web site.

OnePage Template

OnePage Template

View how it looks after its been installed and changed – yes, that’s my website. 🙂

Free Stuff #2

This is mega. Maybe you’ve heard of Mike Filsaime’s Butterfly Marketing. Well, here it is! This will cost you 5000 points to unlock.

Free Stuff #3

Here is some fine web graphics for your web apps and app websites. If you’re serious enough about design, this jam-packed web graphics set is your best friend.

Web Graphics -1

Web Graphics -1