23 HTML5 and CSS3 websites to inspire your creativity


I found an interesting site the other day - http://dezayo.us/blog - check it out, but especially this page – here are 23 HTML5 and CSS3 websites to inspire your creativity.

All designers have started using the HTML5 and CSS3 by now but since it still hasn’t launched completely many of its features are not widely known. HTML5 and CSS3 is packed with lots of new possibilities and features which were not available in the previous versions of HTML and CSS. Many new tags have been added and you can now create all sorts of animations. It sounds very exciting and easy to use, doesn’t it? HTML5 and CSS3 raises creating websites to a whole new level and that much more exciting for the web designers owing to all the new features easing the work for them and adding exciting new effects.

Read the full article at: http://dezayo.us/blog/23-interesting-html5-and-css3-websites-for-your-inspiration



Português: Logotipo oficial: HTML 5

Português: Logotipo oficial: HTML 5 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)










Please share your other favourite sites in the comments.


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