How to Index and Query Data With Haystack and Elasticsearch in Python

Haystack Haystack is a Python library that provides modular search for Django. It features an API that provides support for different search back ends such as Elasticsearch, Whoosh, Xapian, and Solr. Elasticsearch Elasticsearch is a popular Lucene search engine capable of full-text search, and it’s developed in Java. Google search uses the same approach of Read More

How to Upload Images to Firebase from an Android App

Firebase is a mobile and web application development platform, and Firebase Storage provides secure file uploads and downloads for Firebase apps. In this post, you’ll build an Android application with the ability to upload images to Firebase Storage. Firebase Setup If you don’t have a Firebase account yet, you can create one at the Firebase Read More

New eBooks Available for Subscribers

Do you want to learn more about programming for the Internet of Things? How about mastering object-oriented programming or game development with Swift? Our latest batch of eBooks will teach you all you need to know about these topics and more. What’s more, they’re all completely free for Envato Elements subscribers to download. Our Latest Read More

Gates and Policies in Laravel

Today, we’re going to discuss the authorization system of the Laravel web framework. The Laravel framework implements authorization in the form of gates and policies. After an introduction to gates and policies, I’ll demonstrate the concepts by implementing a custom example. I assume that you’re already aware of the built-in Laravel authentication system as that’s Read More

How to Create Simple Button Fades With CSS

In this video from my course on Practical Web Animation, you’ll learn how to create a simple hover effect using CSS. We’ll be making our navigation buttons more interesting by animating the background and text colors on hover. You’ll also learn some neat CSS tricks for properly centering a menu on the page. How to Read More

Get Started With Vue Router

Introduction Routing becomes an important feature to put in place when you have many components. Thanks to the awesome Vue.js team, this is easy using vue-router. In this tutorial, you will see how to use vue-router while building a simple Vue.js application. Set Up the Application You will make use of Vue-CLI to set up Read More